CCIT History Project


Clemson Computing and Information Technology springs from a remarkable history of people, technology and innovation. This website exists because we believe that story is worth telling.

The CCIT History Project is organized into four parts:

  • Timeline
    The timeline provides a digest of significant historical events through the years. We hope to expand on the content in the timeline as our research continues.
  • The History of Computing at Clemson University
    Presented in ebook format, this is a living document that will gradually develop into a detailed historical narrative. It will draw heavily from records, letters and publications in the Clemson Libaries’ Special Collections and Archives, located at the Strom Thurmond Institute. The narrative’s first chapter was included as part of this website’s introduction in January 2020.
  • Chronicles
    Here we feature information and stories excerpted from past publications, such as the various newsletters associated with our organization from earlier times.
  • Gallery
    View historical photographs selected from our digital archive and enhanced with detailed captions. It will grow as we continue to research more photos with help from the members of our #CCIT-History Slack channel.

Similar projects at two other universities . . .

Columbia University, a collaborator with IBM Corporation since its earliest offerings, maintains a Computing History that largely parallels the story of American computing.

The history of the University of Manchester’s computer science department includes the world’s first stored program computer and the work of alumnus Alan Turing.