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Formed in 2019, the goal of Clemson Analytics is to design, build and support the growing campus-wide business intelligence and analytics efforts across Clemson University. Clemson Analytics brings together advanced campus-wide data analytics initiatives that were previously fragmented, encouraging collaboration and efficiency. The team combines years of experience in analytics, computing and business intelligence at Clemson to guide data-driven decisions. 

How Clemson Analytics can help you

  • Consolidated Data Platform
  • Data Access Control & Data Governance
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Architecture & Engineering
  • Data Science & Modeling
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Product Development
  • Self-Service Data Analytics & Reporting


Clemson Analytics consults with departments across Clemson University to guide decisions, shape projects and meet goals. Strategic projects include:

Canvas Analytics

  • Phase 1 Administrative
  • Phase 2 Academic

Space Utilization

  • Phase 1 Classroom Utilization
  • Phase 2 Class Labs
  • Phase 3 Research
  • Phase 4 Office Occupancy

Emergency Management

Enrollment Management

  • Predictive Modeling
  • Self-Service Data Platform

IT Operational Analytics


Meet The Team

Matt Chambers, Bart Swecker and Scot Wardlaw comprise the Clemson Analytics team, located in Barre Hall. The team’s collective experience and individual specialties provides a strong framework with cutting-edge technology to move Clemson forward.

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