Cyberinfrastructure Technology Integration

The Cyberinfrastructure Technology Integration (CITI) group within CCIT was created to provide strategic leadership in advancing Clemson University’s research and scholarly achievements through next generation computing, networking, data technologies, and creative learning. CITI’s goals include: Growing and developing education, outreach, and training (workforce development) activities for students and faculty; Maintaining current levels of user/application support while changing to meet the needs of others; Increasing university and industry partnerships; Identifying new funding opportunities to foster sustainability, growth, and innovation; Presenting IT as a strategic asset rather than a utility; Developing cloud strategies to create new opportunities for the Clemson community; Aligning projects and priorities with Clemson University goals and priorities.

  • Dustin Atkins, Interim Executive Director
  • Patricia Carbajales-Dale, Geospatial Technologies
  • Patrick Claflin, Geospatial Technologies
  • Asher Antao, Advanced Computing and Data Science
  • Dr. Grigori Yourganov, Advanced Computing and Data Science

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