Enterprise Systems & Applications and Medicaid IT Services

Enterprise Systems and Applications is dedicated to supporting the computing needs of our users and providing for the security and privacy of the information assets of the university. The Enterprise Systems and Applications group is responsible for providing services and support for the major information systems of the University.

ESA staff develops, purchases, installs, and maintains application software and databases that support the University’s core administrative processes and information needs. This team is also responsible for providing general standards and guidelines for application architecture and consulting for departmental software development, installation, and maintenance.

  • Billy Cook, Director, ESA
  • Sheilah Bagwell (Admin Support)
  • Nancy Griffis (Web Application Development)
  • Sam Hoover (Mobile Development)
  • Barrett Kendjoria (Business Systems)
  • Kim Thrower (Data Warehouse Group)
  • Larissa Whitten (Quality Assurance)
  • Vacant (Academic Systems)