Space and Allocation

CCIT Office of Space & Allocation’s objective is to enable the effective and efficient utilization of CCIT space resources, that results in the following:

  • A quality learning and working environment for CCIT Staff, faculty, and students.
  • Effective management of space to meet the strategic vision and mission of CCIT and Clemson University.
  • Cost effective utilization of available space

To ensure efficient utilization of space resources that accommodates the holistic and diverse needs of CCIT staff, all office, conference, and common area space controlled by CCIT are centrally managed by CCIT’s Office of Space  & Allocation. This office provisions space to best support and further CCIT’s mission and resulting priorities.

CCIT Unit Space Allocation

Each major unit within CCIT has a primary location, based on that unit’s mission and available resources. Some spaces are shared by multiple units.

Current allocations are found both on and off campus:


  • CIO Office – Barre Hall
  • Cyberinfrastructure Technology Integration – Barre Hall
  • Customer Relations and Learning Technology – Primarily in Cooper Library with some space assigned in Barre, Brackett, Greenville One, Daniel and Freeman
  • Geospatial Lab – Cooper Library
  • Network Services and Telecommunications – Poole Agricultural Center
  • Security Operations Center – Barre Hall
  • Virtualization Lab – Barre Hall


  • Chief Technology Officer – Information Technology Center (ITC)
  • Enterprise Systems and Applications – Ravenel Center
  • Internal Operations – Eagles Landing
  • Medicaid Information Technology Services – Eagles Landing and Duke Innovation Center
  • Security – Ravenel Center
  • Software Development and Integration – Duke Innovation Center
  • Infrastructure Systems and Operations – ITC

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