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CCIT’s Office of Information Security has recommended CrashPlan, by Code42, as a backup and security solution to help ensure your work is never lost or compromised. Code42 runs automatically, and silently, in the background; continuously protecting the data created and stored on desktops, laptops, and some mobile devices. With Code42, you are able to retrieve lost or deleted files with the click of a button from anywhere, at any time. Licenses will be sold in a one license-to-four device format, meaning that you are able to install the CrashPlan client on four of devices. The cost of a license will be $70 annually. The license year will run from July 1 to June 30. Go to the e-commerce site to purchase your license(s).


At this time, no protected health data can be backed up by this service.


CrashPlan silently backs up every version of every file and self-restores in minutes. One click restores a lost file to the device of your choice—no IT help needed. Access your backed up files anytime, anywhere—on any device—through a secure mobile app. All users’ data is fully encrypted “in transit” and “at rest” and their encryption keys would be stored locally on a server on the Clemson network. Code 42 features the ability for Clemson to delegate to access those keys to assigned users for further security.

Key Features

Workstation back-up & restore

  • Recover 1 or 1,000 files – Recovery of user data in real time from the cloud. Automatically protect workstation data with no intervention required. Recover lost or deleted files in a few easy clicks.
  • Secure, unlimited cloud storage – Encryption keys are stored separately from data, so you can safely enjoy unlimited cloud storage
  • Cross-platform protection – Clients are provided for all OS platforms: Mac, Windows, and Linux. Mobile apps are available to manage back-ups as well.

Streamline migration through automatic, continuous backup

  • Self-migration – Save time with built-in device replacement wizard.
  • User profile back-up – Easily transfer both data and profile settings to new Windows devices.
  • Cross-platform migration – Seamlessly move data across operating systems and devices.

Ransomware recovery

  • Point-in-time recovery– Restore back to your chosen points in time, thanks to real-time backups and granular file versioning.
  • Customer-driven recovery– Recover your own data using a built-in Device Replacement wizard.

Legal hold & eDiscovery

  • Chain of custody reporting– Code42 creates an auditable timeline to determine important legal hold events, like who created and accessed files when.
  • Seamless eDiscovery integration– Code42 API makes it easy to integrate customer data into your chosen eDiscovery system, with data integrity and authenticity.
  • Unlimited cloud storage– Legal retention requirements won’t eat into your available storage.

Visit the e-commerce site to purchase a license.

For assistance with Code42, please contact the CCIT Support Desk