”TigerSecure Virtual Desktop

Secure Desktops / SecureVDI

SecureVDI is a CCIT-hosted Citrix Virtual Desktop Infrastructure that allows users to perform tasks with sensitive or high-risk data in a secure environment. Using VDI can help ensure that data remains inside the virtual environment and not on an individual’s work or personal computer.

SecureVDI for Clemson Users

As a Clemson employee, you may have been instructed to use the Citrix SecureVDI environment to perform certain job tasks. While it is not intended to entirely replace use of your local desktop computer, the VDI environment should be used for work performed on systems that require additional security controls (e.g. VPN or network exceptions).

Accessing email or other two-way forms of communication inside the virtual environment is discouraged and is disabled for some workspaces.

In accordance with the CCIT Security Guidelines, VDI must be used when accessing administrative accounts on systems containing data classified as either “Confidential” or “Restricted”


Use cases include:

  • Management of Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) involved with Research projects that must meet NIST 800-171 compliance requirements.
  • Processing credit card transactions on behalf of University constituents.
  • Running applications, such as Putty or PSFTP, when connecting to secure systems.


If you would like more information on this service, or have a department or workgroup that may benefit from using this service, please contact CCIT by emailing ithelp@clemson.edu