”TigerFile Storage Options

Clemson Computing and Information Technology (CCIT) provides students, faculty, and staff with a variety of file storage options for retaining and sharing institutional data. The options include file storage hosted at Clemson (by CCIT) as well as storage provided by approved Cloud Vendors. The File Storage Solutions table below contains a list of data classifications allowed and key attributes for each storage option. The storage solution information along with the data classification categories should be used to determine which services are suitable for storing your data.

If assistance is needed evaluating data elements, selecting a storage solution, or establishing access: contact the CCIT Customer Support Center via email at ITHELP@clemson.edu or call (864) 656-3494.

All data must be stored in accordance with the Minimum Security Standards.

File Storage Solution Options

CU Personal (U: Drive) CU Department (H: Drive) BoxSecure Folder SecurePoint Site Box Microsoft OneDrive SharePoint Google Drive
Highest Data Classification Allowed Restricted Restricted Restricted Restricted Internal
Internal Use Internal Use
Local (University Hosted) or Cloud Storage Local Local Cloud Cloud Cloud Cloud Cloud
File Storage Allotment 10GB
(More space available upon request)
(More space may be available)
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum File Size Unlimited (within allotted space) Unlimited (within allotted space) 50GB 250GB 50GB 250GB 5TB
File Sync Capabilities N/A N/A Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Integrated with Microsoft Office(Word, Excel, PowerPoint) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
File Backups Yes by CCIT Yes by CCIT Yes by Vendor Yes by Vendor Yes by Vendor Yes by Vendor Yes by Vendor
Remote / Off Campus Access Yes with VPN Yes with
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Two Factor Authentication Required with remote VPN access Required with remote VPN access Required Required Required Not Required Not Required
File Sharing with External Users No No Upon Request Upon Request Yes, primary with public data Yes, primary with
Yes, primary with public data
Automatic File Version History No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Role-based Access Control No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes



For more information on how data is classified, refer to the University Data Classification Policy.

To request a Box Secure or Box PHI folder, complete the appropriate form Box Secure Folder Request or Box PHI Folder Request then email the form to ITHELP@clemson.edu.

To request a SecurePoint site, email ITHELP@clemson.edu.