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Maintenance Windows

Standard maintenance opportunity windows are an important part of proactively maintaining and enhancing the IT environment at Clemson University. The standard maintenance periods represent a regular “window” of time in which maintenance can be performed.

These “windows” will most likely not be utilized every day or every week, but only as needed. All maintenance work performed within these timeframes will be scheduled and communicated to campus customers via the CCIT Change Management program.

Maintenance that requires down time with campus-wide impacts will also be communicated to the campus community in advance through our CCIT Communications office.

Standard Maintenance Opportunity Windows for all services:

  • Daily, 3AM to 7AM
  • Every Friday, 10PM to Saturday 7AM

Maintenance Windows for services that fall outside of the window above:

  • CUBS: Every Wednesday, 8PM to 4AM
  • Mainframe and Student Systems: Every Saturday, 6PM to 10AM
  • DHHS Non-Mainframe QA and Test servers: Second Saturdays of each month,
    9AM to 1PM
  • DHHS Non-Mainframe Production servers: Third Saturdays of each month,
    9AM to 1PM

Application Load Times:

  • Windows OS Systems: Tuesdays and Fridays, 8:30AM to 9AM
  • Unix/Linux OS Systems: Fridays, 10AM to 11AM
  • PeopleSoft: Monday to Friday, Noon to 1PM
  • iROAR and Mobile Applications (my.clemson): Thursdays 10AM

Server Updates and Patching Schedule:

Unless there is an approved exception, CCIT reserves a standard monthly patching schedule, as follows:

  • Patching for all Windows environments and Linux non-production environments will be performed beginning at 10:00PM on the Wednesday after the second Tuesday of every month and completing by 7:00AM the next morning (Thursday).
  • All Linux Production environments (including the management environment) will be patched beginning at 10:00PM on the Wednesday after the non-production environments are patched and completing by 7:00AM the next morning (Thursday).
  • Critical patches will be applied within five (5) business days of vendor release. When such patches are released, customer will be notified as soon as is feasible of the planned maintenance schedule to implement these patches.

Contact CCIT Change Management at: