15 free services you get with CCIT

Ryan Real, Public Information Coordinator
Updated July 22, 2021

Studying or working at Clemson University comes with its share of well-known advantages: the beautiful scenery, a top-notch education and being a part of the Clemson Family. But did you know you also have access to a ton of free services from CCIT?

Studying or working at Clemson University comes with its share of well-known advantages: the beautiful scenery, a top-notch education and being a part of the Clemson Family. But did you know you also have access to a ton of free services from CCIT?

Grammarly Premium

Writing is hard. Grammarly helps, offering suggestions to make your work—from emails to academic papers—error-free, concise and readable. Plus, Grammarly Premium offers plagiarism detection and citation suggestions. It’s free for all students and employees. Learn more on our Grammarly Premium page.

my.Clemson App

The my.Clemson app for iOS and Android gives you almost everything you need to know about Clemson at a glance. Find a parking spot or view a bus route in the map, catch up on the latest Clemson sports scores, or look up a professor’s contact information in the directory, plus a whole lot more. Learn more and find a download link at clemson.edu/mobile.

Virtual Private Network

Clemson offers a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that maintains a secure, private connection to the Clemson network from anywhere in the world. Connect to the VPN if you need access to the network for certain software while studying at home, or if you need to send sensitive data from public wifi (like buying something online while you’re at a coffee shop or airport). Visit our Knowledge Base to learn more and get started.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Subscriptions to the Adobe Creative Cloud normally cost $50 per month, but you have access to all 20+ creative desktop and mobile apps for free. A free subscription includes Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Lightroom and more. The Creative Cloud Library also lets you sync assets (like colors, brushes and images) between devices. Sign in to adobe.com using your @clemson.edu email address to get started.

Office 365

Your Clemson status grants you free access to Office 365 from Microsoft. You probably know about Word, Excel and PowerPoint, but have you made a survey in Forms? Automated a task or process in Flow? Organized a group in Teams? You can do all that and a lot more in Office 365, which also includes a free storage in OneDrive. Work on the same project from any device, all in the cloud. Get started at 365.clemson.edu.

Cloud Storage

Along with OneDrive, you get free storage with Box and Google Drive. Box is great for sharing documents among a group or keeping research data safe, while Google Drive integrates with a Google environment across the web. All three are fantastic options that offer syncing services to automatically back up your data, which you should do regularly (be sure to only choose one sync option, though).

Palmetto ClusterAccess to the Palmetto Cluster

Clemson University boasts one of the top public university supercomputers in the United States, and you have free access to it. Take your research to the next level with the Palmetto Cluster, which can perform 870 trillion mathematical operations per second. Request an account and we’ll get in touch to discuss what you need and how best to use the cluster. Visit our Palmetto page to get started.

Printing and Plotting

You probably know that you get $25.50 (undergraduate), $33.00 (graduate student) or $5.00 (employee) worth of free printing depending on your Clemson University affiliation. But you can apply that money to plotting as well, which can go a long way for students. PaperCut locations are all over campus and you can  print from anywhere. Learn everything you need to know about free printing on our PaperCut 101 page.

Survey Tools

In addition to Google Forms and Microsoft Forms, you also have free access to Qualtrics, one of the most powerful survey tools on the planet. Tons of support and wizards help make creating surveys in Qualtrics easy, too. Read more on our Qualtrics page.


Percipio provides free professional development opportunities for faculty, staff and students. Choose from a wide range of courses, audiobooks, certifications and more. Get started at clemson.percipio.com.

Adobe Digital Studio

If you need inspiration or assistance for your next creative project, head to the Adobe Digital Studio on the fifth floor of R.M. Cooper Library. There you’ll find video and audio studios, helpful interns and collaborative workspaces available at no cost. Learn more on the Libraries website.

Google Workplace for Education

When you sign into Google with your g.clemson.edu address, you not only have access to Google Drive, but whole host of Google Workplace for Education. Share documents, slideshows or spreadsheets with classmates, make video calls or organize your tasks. Sign in at g.clemson.edu.


You have a whole host of free and discounted software options at your fingertips. Check out our employee web downloads or student web downloads on our website.

AWS Educate

With AWS Educate, students and educators have access to content and programs developed to skill up for cloud careers. Clemson is an Instituion Level member of AWS Educate, which can be integrated with Canvas. Learn more on our AWS Educate page.

Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching

Want to learn more about Microsoft software design and development, cloud computing and more? Azure Dev Tools for Teaching is what you’re looking for. Sign in with your Clemson email at azureforeducation.microsoft.com/devtools.

Not free, but almost

You’re also eligible for numerous discounts if you’re a student. Examples include:


You can get a premium Spotify subscription (download songs for offline play, no ads) and a Hulu Limited Commercials subscription for $4.99 a month as a Clemson student. Learn more here.

Amazon Prime

As a Clemson student, you’re eligible for an Amazon Prime Student annual membership at $49 per year. That includes free two-day shipping, music, video and more. Learn more here.

Apple Music

Apple Music has made big inroads into the streaming music scene, and Apple Music Student subscriptions go for $4.99 a month. Learn more here.


It’s not enough to just learn in the classroom. The New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and The Economist all offer various student or academic subscriptions—sometimes even free.

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