“Do I Keep My Email?” and other tech questions from graduating Tigers

Ryan Real, CCIT Communications
November 28, 2022

Graduation is an exciting time for every Tiger, but it unfortunately does mean a change to some of the software and services you’ve grown accustomed to during your time at Clemson. Luckily, with a few minutes of review, you can prepare your technology and data for graduation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I keep my email?

Per Google’s current agreement with Clemson, you will still have access to your @g.clemson.edu email address. Please note that forwarding of username@clemson.edu will cease soon after your username is deactivated, so make sure to let all your contacts know they should be sending to @g.clemson.edu instead of @clemson.edu. Any potential loss of Google email or Google Drive will be communicated in advance via email and the CCIT website.

What about the files in my Google Drive?

As of now, you will still have access to your Google Drive, but we recommend you move your files to another cloud storage service or personal Google Drive account. You can use Google’s Takeout service to export your Google account data. Visit takeout.google.com for more information.

What about the files in my other cloud storage accounts?

  • Your access to Box and OneDrive will end upon graduation as well. We recommend that you download your files from those accounts before graduating. 
  • Any files you create and manage in CUapps (Citrix) are stored on your U: drive (also called Home Directory), and you’ll need to download those files before graduating. The CCIT Knowledge Base contains instructions to access your U: drive for macOS and Windows.
  • If you use the Palmetto Cluster or any of Clemson’s research computing storage, we recommend you download your data from there as well. For research computing assistance, contact Research Computing and Data.

What software do I keep?

Once you graduate, you will no longer qualify to reinstall Clemson’s site-licensed software.  Alumni are eligible for a discounted Microsoft Office 365 Personal license, available at Microsoft’s Alumni Discount page. Access to the Adobe Creative Cloud will be disabled upon graduation as well. Make sure to save copies of your Adobe files, projects and assets. 

Can I download my submitted Canvas assignments?

Yes. Visit our CCIT Knowledge Base for step-by-step instructions.

Is there anything else I should do?

  • Save a copy of your unofficial transcript after final grades are submitted. After your Username is deactivated, you will no longer be able to access your unofficial transcript—we suggest you save a copy sooner rather than later. After your Username is deactivated, you will have to request an official copy for a fee, as directed by the Registrar’s transcripts page.
  • Save a copy of your tax records. After your Username is deactivated, you will no longer be able to access iRoar for your billing information. If your account is deactivated and you need to get these records, contact CCIT at (864) 656-3494.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact CCIT Support by calling/texting (864) 656-3494, emailing ITHELP@clemson.edu or starting a chat by clicking the orange chat box on this page.

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