Employees: Change your password before October 12, 2021

Ryan Real, CCIT Communications & Marketing
September 23, 2021

A graphic of a computer and a passwordAs a requirement of the renewal of the University’s cyber-risk insurance policy, CCIT is requiring all active employees to change their passwords before Tuesday, October 12. This is not due to any known or immediate cybersecurity threat but will help safeguard Clemson against new and varying risks within the present technology landscape and will ensure the security and integrity of access to Clemson’s information technology environment.

If you still have not changed your password by October 12, you will be prompted to do so the next time you login to a Clemson University system. At that time, if you are urgently trying to get into a system and don’t have time at that moment, you will be given six opportunities to “pass” before being required to change your password to access the environment. As part of this change, you will be required to use CCIT’s Password Change Utility tool which will help ensure that you have a ‘strong’ new password. If you are not on the campus network when changing your password, we recommend that you first connect via VPN to the campus network to help sync up all your accounts. If you don’t or are unable to do so, your computer will continue to use your old password until it can sync the new one with Clemson’s servers.

If you are receiving password change messages and have already changed your password, the message may be for another account you own or manage and forward mail to yourself.

Also, please keep in mind that after your password is changed, you will need to update your stored passwords on all your devices to ensure your email and wireless (eduroam) connectivity continue to function.

We understand that changing passwords, especially on short notice and during this time of year, can present a challenge. However, safeguarding the security and integrity of Clemson’s information and IT assets is of critical importance to everyone. We appreciate your efforts to help the University in this way.

Should you need assistance, contact your local area IT support or contact the CCIT Support Center (ITHelp@clemson.edu, 864-656-3494, or through the orange chat box at the bottom of this page).

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