Important software and IT services for new employees

Ryan Real, CCIT Marketing & Communications
August 2, 2022

CCIT provides a wealth of services that can boost your professional and personal life as a Clemson employee. If you’re a new employee, make sure to visit our New Faculty & Staff Support page for an introduction to basic IT services and how to get help. We offer a lot more than that, though—check out more software and services you have access to as a Clemson Tiger.

Grammarly Premium

Writing can be tough. Grammarly helps, offering suggestions to make your work—from emails to academic papers—error-free, concise and readable. Plus, Grammarly Premium (usually a $30 per month subscription) offers plagiarism detection, citation suggestions and checks against the Clemson University style guide. It’s free for all students and employees, just log in to with your email address. Learn more on our Grammarly Premium page.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Subscriptions to the Adobe Creative Cloud normally cost $50 per month, but you have access to all 20+ creative desktop and mobile apps as a part of the University’s IT fee. A subscription includes 32 Adobe applications, Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Lightroom and more. The Creative Cloud Library also lets you sync assets (like colors, brushes and images) between devices. You have access to two licenses, which means you can have one instance on your professional machine and one on your personal machine. Sign in to using your email address to get started.

Microsoft Office 365

You also have complete access to Office 365 from Microsoft. You probably know about Word, Excel and PowerPoint, but have you made a survey in Forms? Automated a task or process in Flow? Organized a group in Teams? You can do all that and a lot more in Office 365, which also includes storage in OneDrive. Work on the same project from any device, all in the cloud. Current full-time employees at Clemson may install available software on personally owned machines for work-related purposes. Get started at


CUapps, powered by Citrix, provides you access to software from any device, at any time, from anywhere—that includes accessing Clemson software on devices like tablets, iPads and Chromebooks. Think of it as “Netflix for Clemson software.” You can download the Citrix Workspace application or you can use it through a web browser. Learn more on our Clemson CUapps page.

Virtual Private Network

CCIT offers a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that maintains a secure, private connection to the Clemson network from anywhere in the world. Connect to the VPN if you need access to the Clemson network for certain software while working at home, or if you need to send sensitive data from public wifi (like buying something online while you’re at a coffee shop or airport). You can connect to the VPN with your Clemson credentials from any of your devices, including your phone or tablet, with Cisco Anyconnect. Visit our Knowledge Base to learn more and get started.

Cloud Storage

Along with OneDrive, you have cloud storage options with Box and Google Drive. Box is great for sharing documents among a group or keeping research data safe, while Google Drive integrates with a Google environment across the web. All three are fantastic options that offer syncing services to automatically back up your data, which you should do regularly (be sure to only choose one sync option, though).

Teaching Tools

Clemson Online offers a wealth of live training and documentation for instructional tools like Kaltura (Clemson’s new video hosting/sharing platform), Camtasia, Flip, iClicker and more. Learn more on Clemson Online’s website.

Survey Tools

In addition to Google Forms and Microsoft Forms, you also have access to Qualtrics, one of the most powerful survey tools on the planet. Thorough support documentation and walkthrough wizards help make creating surveys in Qualtrics easy, too. Read more on our Qualtrics page.


Percipio provides free professional development opportunities for faculty, staff and students. Choose from a wide range of courses, audiobooks, certifications and more. Get started at


You have a whole host of free and discounted software options at your fingertips. Check out our employee web downloads and individual software licenses on our website.


Clemson faculty or staff computers purchased with University funds should be imaged and managed centrally by your IT Consultant. CCIT does not provide anti-virus software for home or personal computers, but CCIT’s Office of Information Security (OIS) recommends the following:

  • macOS computers –  Sophos Home Antivirus (Free Edition) provides real-time anti-virus, website filtering and protection, as well as remote management for up to 3 Windows or macOS devices per account.
  • Windows computers – Microsoft’s Defender Security Center which is part of the Windows 10 operating system (OS). If you wish to have additional protection, or for systems with an OS older than Windows 10, we recommend Sophos Home Antivirus (Free Edition).


The Clemson Computer Store offers an array of products from Apple, Dell and Lenovo, and qualifying Clemson employees can take advantage of the Employee Computer Purchase Plan when purchasing a computer, tablets and accessories.

Of course, if you have a question about any of these services—or anything else tech-related at Clemson—drop us a line or start a chat using the orange chat box on this page.

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