Planned outage of departmental group storage due to hardware update

Tara Stone, CCIT Communications
April 3, 2023

CCIT is in the process of updating the hardware disks for ZFS group storage, commonly referred to as the H: drive. The current generation of hardware disks is past end of life and needs to be replaced.

These updates will likely be disruptive to users, as ZFS group storage is used throughout the University. CCIT plans to schedule these updates after hours and on weekends over the next several months to minimize disruption as much as possible.

Departments will be notified by email when a planned outage will affect their department storage. As part of the update, all files will be migrated to the new disks and users should not notice any changes other than the planned downtime.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact your local area IT support or contact the CCIT Support Center.

 System Status

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