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Clemson Palmetto Supercomputer

Clemson’s Palmetto Cluster empowers the University research community with vital resources for innovation. Our advanced knowledge infrastructure integrates world-class provisions in high-performance computing, high-performance networks, data visualization, storage architectures and middleware. All Clemson researchers can use and receive training on the Palmetto Cluster for free.

Our IT staff includes a team of cyberinfrastructure professionals dedicated to working with faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students at Clemson and beyond. Clemson is home to many leading researchers across the full range of academic disciplines, advancing next-generation technologies through the power of high performance computing.

Big Data Produced for Clemson World Research Magazine, this video features computational research at Clemson University on the Palmetto Cluster, one of the largest supercomputers in the country. Palmetto is a partnership between Clemson faculty and the University’s information technology administrators to give high-performance computing capabilities to researchers at all levels.
Palmetto Install A time-elapsed video presentation illustrates the start-to-finish planning, coordination and teamwork required by the IT staff at Clemson’s data center to install a Palmetto cluster upgrade.
Testimonial: Dr. Christopher Saski Dr. Saski, of Clemson’s Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, discusses his work and research as a user of the Palmetto Cluster.
Path to the Petaflop Corey Ferrier, Clemson University’s Director of Advanced Computing Infrastructure, details the history of Clemson’s Palmetto Cluster and the path to achieving the petaflop benchmark.
Palmetto Facts Created for continuous loop playback in a convention or trade show setting, this video features high definition footage of the systems behind the Palmetto cluster, highlighted by graphical statistics about the cluster’s world-class standing.
Advanced Computing and Data Science Presentations Back-to-back presentations by four members of the Clemson Cyberinfrastructure team on various topics for users of the Palmetto Cluster.
Better Storage on a Budget Clemson University OS and Storage Architect Jim Burton details how Clemson used ingenuity and savvy to improve HPC storage and make users happy.
2020 Project Recap for Advanced Cyberinfrastructure Research Clemson ACI systems architect Scott Groel gives an overview of 2020’s ongoing and completed projects, as well as a look ahead to the future.

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