General FAQs

Is the Palmetto Cluster free to use?

Yes, the Palmetto Cluster as well as all CITI/CCIT training is free of charge to any member of the University community (faculty, staff, students).  Account requests can be either for research or educational purposes and can be requested [HERE].

Can people outside of Clemson access the cluster?

Yes – node owners (see condominium model) can request accounts and access to their owned portion of resources (compute nodes and/or storage resources) for collaborative purposes at any time.

Those who do not own resources can request an account for a collaborator, but these follow a rigorous review process and require extensive documentation and justification of the purpose of the external use that directly and substantially benefits Clemson University.  To begin that process, the requestor must be a full-time faculty member at Clemson and submit the initial request through ITHelp, and a facilitator will reach out with the necessary forms.

Is training free?

Yes, both the research computing training and GIS/geospatial training programs are free of charge to Clemson University faculty and staff members as well as students.  However, space is very limited and we encourage quick sign-ups once any of these sessions open.

Does CCIT/CITI offer support for grant proposals and projects?

Yes!  We are well-equipped to partner with faculty on their research proposal submissions and are happy to directly discuss specifics, as well as provide letters of support/collaboration in conjunction with projects being submitted.  Faculty are encouraged to reach out if they plan on including Palmetto or any other research computing resources in their proposals, even if the intention is to use the general/free access to the cluster.

Technical FAQs

Please see https://www.palmetto.clemson.edu/palmetto/faq/common/ for the latest technical FAQs.


Reach out to us at ithelp@clemson.edu with the subject “Palmetto” for additional help or questions.