SC20—this year’s International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking Storage and Analysis—is an online virtual event!

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Embracing High Performance at Clemson University


One of the most productive public research universities in the nation, Clemson attracts and unites students and faculty whose greatest desire is to make a difference in the lives of others.

When you choose to research at Clemson, you gain access to the resources of a Carnegie R1 research institution. Our active extension and public service network, state-of-the-art innovation campuses and robust programs empower high-impact researchers to create the work they’ve always dreamed of.

Integral to our research is Clemson University’s Palmetto Cluster, a 2000-node 1.4 petaflop, high performance computing system. We also support a campus network linking over 1200 machines distributed across 27 locations on campus providing a high-throughput computing resource for all faculty and students in need of a loosely coupled computer system to run thousands of jobs.

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Are you interested in collaborating with Clemson on a research project? Or perhaps you would like to learn more about our systems and methods. Click the button to send a message to members of our HPC community.

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Clemson Palmetto computer back panels

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Participation Entries and Resources

Our SC20 offerings are grouped into three sections:

Work and Study   Clemson Palmetto   SC20 Presentations

Work and Study at Clemson

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Clemson Tigers “bleed orange,” as we say, but our University is so much more than a color or a degree.

Here our students find what inspires them, learn how to be leaders, create their own paths, thrive in internships, dive into research and simply discover who they are, both academically and personally.

Student workers in Clemson Data Center

Delaney Taylor, Hannah Zafra and Hazl Zafra are featured in our Hands-On with HPC video (see below).

Clemson Campus

A scenic video tour of Clemson University campus and surrounding areas. The film features footage recorded by drones that are used for the Clemson GPS research project.


Produced for prospective students considering Clemson University, this video includes several profiles of Clemson students who already are experiencing the defining moments of their college careers. Learn more at the Clemson Moments website.

Hands-On With HPC

Clemson University undergraduate students Delaney Taylor, Hannah Zafra and Hazl Zafra discuss their hands-on experience as interns at Clemson’s data center and working with the Palmetto Cluster supercomputer.

Learning with Liquid Immersion Cooling

A Clemson University NSF project led by Dr. Rong Ge, in partnership with Submer, aims to study the advantages and potential drawbacks of liquid immersion cooling.


Clemson Palmetto Supercomputer

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Clemson’s Palmetto Cluster empowers the University research community with vital resources for innovation. Our advanced knowledge infrastructure integrates world-class provisions in high-performance computing, high-performance networks, data visualization, storage architectures and middleware. All Clemson researchers can use and receive training on the Palmetto Cluster for free.

Our IT staff includes a team of cyberinfrastructure professionals dedicated to working with faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students at Clemson and beyond. Clemson is home to many leading researchers across the full range of academic disciplines, advancing next-generation technologies through the power of high performance computing.

Palmetto operator working at SubMer station

Big Data

Produced for Clemson World Research Magazine, this video features computational research at Clemson University on the Palmetto Cluster, one of the largest supercomputers in the country. Palmetto is a partnership between Clemson faculty and the University’s information technology administrators to give high-performance computing capabilities to researchers at all levels.

Palmetto Install

A time-elapsed video presentation illustrates the start-to-finish planning, coordination and teamwork required by the IT staff at Clemson’s data center to install a Palmetto cluster upgrade.

Testimonial: Dr. Christopher Saski

Dr. Saski, of Clemson’s Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, discusses his work and research as a user of the Palmetto Cluster.

Path to the Petaflop

Corey Ferrier, Clemson University’s Director of Advanced Computing Infrastructure, details the history of Clemson’s Palmetto Cluster and the path to achieving the petaflop benchmark.

Palmetto Facts

Created for continuous loop playback in a convention or trade show setting, this video features high definition footage of the systems behind the Palmetto cluster, highlighted by graphical statistics about the cluster’s world-class standing.

Advanced Computing and Data Science Presentations

Back-to-back presentations by four members of the Clemson Cyberinfrastructure team on various topics for users of the Palmetto Cluster.

Better Storage on a Budget

Clemson University OS and Storage Architect Jim Burton details how Clemson used ingenuity and savvy to improve HPC storage and make users happy.

2020 Project Recap for Advanced Cyberinfrastructure Research

Clemson ACI systems architect Scott Groel gives an overview of 2020’s ongoing and completed projects, as well as a look ahead to the future.


SC20 Presentations

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This year, we are excited to share six research presentations, contributed by Clemson University faculty, students and staff.

Links to videos of these presentations and their written abstracts are provided below.

HPC Team poses in front of Palmetto

Approachable Error Bound Lossy Compression

Robert Underwood, Ph.D. Candidate, School of Computing

View Abstract

Computational Characterization of Nonwoven Fibrous Media

Ulf D. Schiller, Assistant Professor, Material Science and Engineering

View Abstract

Hypothesis Generation with AGATHA

Ilya Tiagin, Ph.D. Candidate, Biomedical Data Science and Informatics

View Abstract

Evaluating Lossy Compression of Vascular Blood Flow Simulations

Tasmia Reza, Graduate Student, Holcombe Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

View Abstract

HPC-based Educational/Collaborative Environment for Neuroscience Research

John Absher, Associate Professor of Neurology, Prisma Health Upstate

View Abstract

Detecting Anamalous Computation with RNNs on GPU-Accelerated HPC Machines

Rong Ge, Associate Professor, School of Computing

View Abstract