Unified Communications

What are Unified Communications?

Clemson University’s Unified Communications (UC) initiative will bring telephone, video and data services together for a comprehensive solution that will meet all communications needs. Over the next two years, CCIT will deploy more than 5,000 voice-over-IP (VOIP) phones and eventually implement a software solution that will combine voice, video and data into one useful tool. This will include telephony, video conferencing, instant messaging, presence, voicemail and email.

When will this happen?

We are implementing the changes department by department – and departments will get plenty of advance notice before the switch. Each department will get contacted well in advance of the migration. We will provide service-to-service and there will be no additional cost to departments above the current monthly line charges for current features. Any additions or changes to your existing service or features will incur a fee.

View the campus VOIP deployment schedule

What will happen to the features we currently enjoy?

The new telephone headsets will include most features that are currently offered and add many more modern amenities. The multiple voice conference systems will also be upgraded to a new system that allows self provisioning, virtual whiteboarding, video and screen sharing.

Standard phones will come with a camera (model Cisco 8845), which will enable video conferencing. The video conferencing system that exists in most classrooms will also be integrated into the phone’s capacity.

Do I need to dial 9 first to place an external call?

No, you do not. You may dial the phone number without dialing 9.

Do I need an access code to place a long-distance call? Or international calls?

You do not need an access code for domestic long distance, but international calls differ. You can place your domestic long distance call with a 1+ area code + 7-digit number as you would from any other phone. For international calls, please continue to use your long distance code as before.  Your office will be invoiced directly from Spirit, who is the provider for international calling.

What’s the default voicemail password?

The default password is 2580852. For full voicemail instructions, click here. To reach your voicemail from out of the office, call 864-656-9800. Your ID will be your 10-digit Clemson phone number.

Can I forward my voicemail to my email?

Yes, this feature is now the default for all users. If you do not wish to have voicemail on both phone and email, please contact us. NOTE: If you read the email and do not listen to the attachment, it will mark it as listened on your phone. If you delete the voicemail from your phone, it will delete the message from your mailbox.

Is there a website where I can customize my phone settings?

Yes. Visit phone.clemson.edu for the Unified Communications Self Care Portal. This portal allows you to forward your phone, set up speed dials and manage your contacts.

Can I use the Personal Directory?

The Personal Directory is currently not available, but the Corporate Directory allows you to search by name.

What if I have more questions or need help?

You can always contact us using several different methods. We also have help documents available below.

Help Documents


Clemson VOIP Phone Pricing & Feature List

Full PDF Training Manual

Cisco Phone Training Video (some features may not be available)

Voicemail Navigation

Self-Care Portal User Guide


Cisco IP Phone 8841 Quick Start Guide

Cisco IP Phone 8841 User Guide (Some features may not be available)

Note: This model is comparable to Cisco 8845, but does not include the camera feature. It is typically installed in areas where a camera is not necessary, such as lobbies and laboratories.

Cisco IP Phone 8845 Quick Start Guide

Cisco IP Phone 8845 User Guide (Some features may not be available)

Note: This is the standard phone model that will be installed in most offices.

Cisco IP Phone 8865 Quick Start Guide

Cisco IP Phone 8865 User Guide (Some features may not be available)

Note: This model is the business set and includes a sidecar key expansion module.

Cisco Unified IP Conference Phone 8832 Quick Start Guide

Cisco Unified IP Conference Phone 8832 User Guide

Cisco Webex


Cisco Webex logo

Cisco Webex is a Clemson University supported web and video conferencing application. It provides a real time video conferencing space along with various collaboration tools that can be used to facilitate lectures, meetings, trainings, and more.

For more information and user guides, visit the Clemson Online Cisco Webex page.