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NVivo for Windows is your platform for analyzing all forms of unstructured data. Quickly interrogate data using powerful search, query and visualization tools. Get the big picture or get into the detail. Uncover subtle connections, rigorously justify findings, and effortlessly share your work.

Researchers, evaluators, policy advisers, social workers, educators, and students are amongst the 1.5 million NVivo users accessing smart, time saving tools to help them deliver quality outcomes. NVivo enables you to collect, organize and analyze content from interviews, focus group discussions, surveys, audio, social media, videos and webpages.

License Information

This product is generally distributed as a keyed standalone license. This means users will have to obtain a key or serial number either from IT or the vendor before installing and using the software.

Versions of this software are available on: Windows, Mac OS. You may have to check with the vendor about the availability of other versions.

Purchasing NVivo

Currently, there is not a “site-wide” or network license available at Clemson University. QSR doesn’t have a site license for this product available. Users can purchase a student leasing option (from $85-$144 for 24 months) and perpetual licenses (depending on platform) for faculty and staff from $600 to $700.  Please check current price at the QSR Website at this url:

You can also obtain a license for this software directly from the vendor.

Install Media - How to Access NVivo

Direct access to the media for this software on the Software Repository is limited to IT support personnel. If you need to request this software be installed on your computer, you can visit the nearest helpdesk (the CCIT Helpdesk on the 2nd floor of Cooper Library or the Engineering Support Desk in 142 Freeman Hall), contact your local IT support, or email

Getting Help

If you have any additional questions about the availability, cost, or install procedures for this software, you can either visit the CCIT Support Center on the 2nd floor of Cooper Library or send an email to

Faculty and staff can also contact their local IT support for help.

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