Student Organizations

Student organizations and clubs can take advantage of Clemson University’s computer resources to promote their organization via web pages and provide email communications within and to the organization using mailing lists. Each officially recognized student organization will receive:

  • Computer account and email – The email account should be forwarded to the organization’s officers. Student Government and Student Organization Services will use this address to relay important information to them. The officers can also use the account to communicate with each other.
  • LISTSERV® email distribution list – This list can be set up to contain all the email addresses of the members of the organization. Any email sent to the list will be distributed to all of the members.

WARNING: The officers of the organization will be held responsible for the computer resources assigned to the organization. Any misuse of the computer resources can result in forfeiture of the computer resources and/or disciplinary action against the individuals involved. A copy of the University’s Computer Misuse Policy is available at here.

Email Accounts

Each organization is assigned a computer account which provides access to email and their web site. It is recommended that the email account be reserved for the officers and/or the advisor of the organization. (Mailing lists can be set up for contacting the members of the organization.) Student Government and the university will use this account for contacting the organization.

To read the email, you can either forward the account to the officer(s) or you can use web mail to read it. Either method requires knowledge of the account’s password. If you don’t know what the password it, you can contact CCIT.

You have the option to forward the organization’s email to the officer(s) and/or advisor. This way you don’t have to remember to check a separate account. If you don’t want the organization’s email mixed with your personal email, you can set up a filter in your mail program to sort it into a separate mailbox.

To forward the organization’s email account, go to, log in with the organization’s account and password, then review, add or delete email forwarding as necessary.

Questions or problems can be referred to

Mailing Lists

Each organization can have a LISTSERV email distribution list. Any email sent to the list will be sent to every member of the organization. If your organization does not yet have an email distribution list, you can create one by following the instructions here.

Once the distribution list is created, the list owner can update the members of the list by visiting ‘’. Any questions or problems with the email distribution list should be referred to

Web Pages

Officially recognized organizations have the ability to create and maintain a website.
The location of the website is usually:

For information on setting up your organization’s web page using, see this HDKB article on Departmental Web Space.

Any questions or problems about web pages can be referred to

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