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As part of Clemson’s commitment to the continuing professional development of faculty, staff and students, CCIT has implemented an online learning management software system called Percipio® This software system includes pre-programmed Learning Paths (Aspire Journeys),  Certification Paths, and an extensive and comprehensive Learning Library with online Books, Audio and Video courses.  Video courses have the added benefit of having both pre and post-tests.  Customized learning paths can also be created for teams or individuals.

How is the Percipio® software accessed?

Click on the following link:  This link will allow you to log in through the Clemson Authentication Server using your CU Username and password. Once you are in Percipio®, you can search a list of the course offerings by clicking the search box on the top right side of the page.

I love mobility. Is there an app for Percipio®?

Absolutely!  The Percipio® app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or from Google Play.

Can I use Percipio® offline?

At this point, Percipio® courses cannot be downloaded and played later; they are currently only available online.

Is there a cost for using Percipio®?

Percipio® is available for free to all faculty, staff and currently enrolled students of Clemson University.

Technical Notes and Requirements:

Percipio® uses the Adobe Flash Player, which sometimes can be tricky to install on 64-bit operating systems (most frequently Windows 7 or 8). See the related Adobe Tech Note for more details.

To see a list of the Percipio® System Requirements click Here


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