IT Resources for Working Remotely

A picture of Tillman Hall and Bowman Field at Clemson University.
CCIT has developed guides for our students, faculty, and staff as a primer for technologies to help you succeed while working and studying remotely. Each page will provide an introduction to technologies relevant to you, explain why they are important, and provide resources for getting started with each. However, our most important piece of advice is to test and familiarize yourself with these systems before you are required to use them. Please use the buttons below to get started.


Having Home Connectivity issues?  Many Internet providers throughout the country are providing free or reduced service fees for students taking online courses.  For the most reliable connection, we recommend contacting a broadband provider in your area.  Click for information on programs from Comcast, Cox and Spectrum. If these are not options in your area and you have no other reliable internet connection, please contact for information on a cellular hot spot.


If you run into any issues or have additional questions, CCIT is here to help. Click here to find all the ways you can get support along with any news articles or current outages.