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From iROAR, to campus events, to today’s weather—if you’ve got a question about Clemson, you can now ask Alexa with the new Clemson University Alexa Skill.

Have you ever wanted to know something about Clemson University but didn’t know who to ask? Now you can ask Alexa–whether you need to know how to pay your tuition charges, how to access iROAR, or just want to hear Tiger Rag. The free Clemson University Alexa Skill can answer common questions about Clemson University and receive alerts from your Alexa-enabled device.

A wide range of answers

The Clemson University Alexa Skill can answer your questions about grades, tuition, news, weather, events and more. You can ask about available fitness equipment, get my.Clemson parking and transportation alerts and hear “Tiger Rag.” For a full list of available questions, visit the Clemson University Alexa Skill page on Amazon.

By Clemson, for Clemson

Three student workers on CCIT’s Mobile Innovation Team coded the entire Alexa Skill over the course of eight months. The team continues to innovate and explore more features, integrations and functionality over the Alexa skill as users provide more feedback.

Easy to set up, easy to use

You can enable the skill by voice, through the Alexa app or on the Amazon website. You can find out more and get step-by-step instructions on our Cherwell Knowledge Base. Though the Clemson University Alexa Skill will work anywhere, Amazon devices must be connected to the resmedianet network to function on Clemson’s campus. Instructions for connecting Amazon devices to resmedianet are available on the Knowledge Base.

Visit the Clemson University Alexa Skill page on Amazon!


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