Clemson Computing and Information Technology, or CCIT, is a Division of Clemson University guided by our Mission, Vision, and Values.

  • Mission: CCIT provides a secure, reliable, and robust information technology environment that enables the University to accomplish its mission and achieve its goals.
  • Vision: Elevate Clemson University through secure, resilient, and accessible information technology infrastructure and services. As trusted partners, we aspire to provide a foundation to the Clemson community that enables growth and excellence.
  • Values:
    • Dignity
      • We honor the dignity of all people and recognize that our people are our strongest and most valuable asset.
      • We will provide an accessible and inclusive environment for our employees and community.
    • Trust
      • We believe in honesty, transparency, and sound collaborative decision-making.
      • We will be good stewards of the financial and human resources entrusted to us.
      • Through prudent, thoughtful, and consultative engagement with our community, we strive to be a trusted partner.
      • We operate best in a position of mutual trust, which enhances our organizational effectiveness.
    • Service
      • Our organization protects, guides, and serves our community.
      • We champion safe, secure, and seamless technology solutions.
    • Continuous Improvement
      • CCIT will be a learning organization that values personal growth, professional excellence, knowledge transfer, transparency, and a shared community vision to achieve our goals.

Our Leadership

Brian D. Voss was named Vice President and Chief Information Officer in February 2022, removing the previous interim status from his hire on May 18, 2021. Voss brings broad and deep experience across the spectrum of higher education information technology, built through a 35-year career of achievements in IT leadership: strategic planning, user services, teaching and learning support, networks/ telecommunications, academic and research computing, and enterprise/university information systems.

CCIT is the primary provider of computing resources and IT support for Clemson University. CCIT consists of several key functions reporting to the CIO with service operation and delivery also reporting.

Operational services include Enterprise Systems and Applications, Customer Services, Infrastructure Services and Operations, Research Computing & Data, and Medicaid IT Services.

Key functional areas include Internal Operations, Information Security, and IT Strategic Planning.

Within this framework, the groups that manage the various aspects of these areas leverage the common synergies and provide comprehensive solutions, to the benefit of faculty, students, and the greater user community. CCIT is committed to providing an integrated approach to high-performance computing environments and traditional computing.

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Our Locations

…includes 15 addresses on and off campus.