Clemson Computing and Information Technology, or CCIT, is the primary provider of computing resources and IT support for Clemson University. CCIT consists of several key functions reporting to the CIO with service operation and delivery also reporting.

Within this framework, the groups that manage the various aspects of these areas leverage the common synergies and provide comprehensive solutions, to the benefit of faculty, students, and the greater user community. CCIT is committed to providing an integrated approach to high-performance computing environments and traditional computing.

Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Brian D. Voss was named Vice President and Chief Information Officer in February 2022, removing the previous interim status from his hire on May 18, 2021. Voss brings broad and deep experience across the spectrum of higher education information technology, built through a 35-year career of achievements in IT leadership: strategic planning, user services, teaching and learning support, networks/ telecommunications, academic and research computing, and enterprise/university information systems.

Enterprise Systems & Applications

Billy Cook, Associate Vice President

The Enterprise Systems and Applications group is responsible for providing services and support for the major information systems of the University.

ESA staff develops, purchases, installs, and maintains application software and databases that support the University’s core administrative processes and information needs. This team is also responsible for providing general standards and guidelines for application architecture and consulting for departmental software development, installation, and maintenance as well as identity management.

Medicaid IT Services

Tom Taylor, Executive Director

Medicaid IT Services provides operational support for the Medicaid Eligibility Determination System (MEDS) and the Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS) with the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) in South Carolina. Services include application development and maintenance, quality assurance, project management, and business application support functions.  This also includes infrastructure components supporting the DHHS systems.

Customer Services

Nathan Long, Associate Vice President

IT Customer Services for most may be the first and only encounter with CCIT and encompasses the Help Desk, call center, computer training, distributed support, hardware and laptop repair, classroom technologies, application support, and lab automation and management.

randy-martinInfrastructure Services & Operations; Network Services & Telecommunications

Randy Martin, Associate Vice President

Infrastructure Services and Operations (ISO) oversees the health and operation of Clemson’s computing infrastructure. These include Network and Telecommunications, Academic and Administrative Services, Storage Services, Database Services, Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery, and physical computing facilities. ISO’s function is to ensure that all end users have the proper ability to access and utilize all of Clemson’s core computing systems and functions.

Chris Hibbs, Director, Network Services & Telecommunications

Network Services & Telecommunications provides support for all voice, data, and networking needs for the Clemson University community. The unit as a whole works together to ensure the stability of campus communications.

Information Security

John Hoyt, Chief Information Security Officer

Information Security works across the entire institution to ensure that best practices are implemented to protect the data and infrastructure of the university. The division also informs users and supports personnel of possible threats to Clemson University computing resources, disseminating recovery information quickly so that minimum downtime is experienced.

Internal Operations

Carla Rathbone, Deputy CIO

CCIT’s Internal Operations group supports Clemson University and CCIT through providing services in contracts and licensing, IT finance and accounting, IT vendor management and procurement, human resources, project management, space planning, facilities management, service management, organizational effectiveness, and university assessment activities.

IT Strategic Planning & Operational Excellence

Dustin Atkins, Director

Charged with developing and supporting the implementation of the IT Strategic Plan, this area oversees and manages the implementation of the plan on the operational level, helps to set key targets, tracks and monitors the plan to drive results. Responsible for VPIT/CCIT initiatives for operational excellence, including assessment, reporting, and engagement in academic and student advisory functions.

Research Computing & Data

Jill Gemmill, PhD – Executive Director,Research Computing and Data Engagement

Corey Ferrier – Director, Research Computing and Data Infrastructure

The Research Computing & Data (RC&D) group is responsible for the physical and human elements necessary to support Clemson’s world-class research portfolio through computational and research technologies.  This group provides on-line and in-person training to faculty, staff, and students in the basic use of advanced computing resources; assistance for success in program compiling, installation and running; and code parallelization/optimization.  RC&D faculty and technical staff are a highly successful group of research scientists who lead research in areas such as high performance computing applications, high throughput computing, high performance networking, data access and interpretation, visualization, social and biological sciences, humanities computing, and software environments for cyber-communities.  Additionally, RC&D includes geographic information systems, supporting a community of interdisciplinary geospatial science practitioners through research, teaching, and outreach activities using technologies that enable the collection, analysis, and application of geospatial data.