Phishing Notice

You’ve clicked a phishing link!

Luckily, we caught it this time.

You have landed on this page because the Office of Information Security (OIS) has determined that the website you intended to go to was trying to steal your credentials or conduct some other malicious activity. To protect you, we replaced the link you attempted to click on and redirected you here. You should delete the email with the link that got you here.

What happened?

Criminals are constantly trying to steal your personal information for a variety of reasons. Generic “Phishing” emails are typically sent to large groups of recipients to gather basic account information. Criminals attempt to gather information that they can then use to access financial accounts and steal money or to impersonate you in an attempt to get someone else to send money through more customized and targeted “spear phishing” emails.

For more information on Phishing, check out the Federal Trade Commission tips.

A particularly dangerous version of phishing called Business Email Compromise (BEC) has been on the rise. This phishing takes the form of a senior employee directing assistants or financial departments to send money transfers, gift cards, or banking information. If you are in a leadership, leadership support, or financial position then you are at a higher risk for BEC phishing.

For more information, check out the FBI report on business email compromise.

What’s next?

Always exercise extreme caution when clicking on links in emails that you receive. If an email is not from someone you know or seems out of character for someone you do, avoid responding or accessing any links. Report the message to our team through the Outlook Phishing button or by forwarding the message to Clemson computing support staff will NEVER send out an email asking you to provide your account information.

For additional security updates, visit our Safe Computing Update site.

Also, if you are not running the university licensed anti-virus software offered by Clemson, you can go to Clemson’s Software Download Site to get it.

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