Clemson University entered an agreement with DocuSign for their official eSignature solution. This impacts existing DocuSign users who created personal DocuSign accounts with their email addresses to sign, create, and store documents. This process ensures the university maintains compliance with data security policies. This page answers questions different existing DocuSign users may have during this clean-up process via the dropdown tabs below.

Existing DocuSign personal account users must take action because DocuSign accounts and their data will be deleted on December 8, 2023.




Impacted DocuSign account holders will be notified via email they need to log in and retrieve personal documentation stored in their accounts.

On December 8, 2023, accounts and their documents will be permanently deleted. This means you can no longer access your DocuSign account registered to your or email address(es) or the documents in that account after this deadline.

  • Important: Per Clemson University data policies, Clemson documents must be retained in approved university data stores. If your account contains Clemson University documents, follow this helpful information about uploading documents to an appropriate Clemson University document data store.
  • Watch this short video to learn how to log in and download your DocuSign documents.
    • Users must download documents one at a time. There is no bulk download option available for free account holders.
    • We recommend that you select all files, both your original document(s) and the certificate of completion and download them together. These will be combined into a single zipped file.

DocuSign Support Links








If you visited the DocuSign Support links in the tab above and still need more assistance in this clean-up and removal process, please email Be sure to include "DocuSign assistance" in the subject line of the email and your request will reach someone who can assist you further.

The Enterprise Workflow Services Team is working diligently to implement a DocuSign eSignature capability for eligible faculty and staff at Clemson University. This website will update that information once this clean-up phase is complete. Check back for updates and communications related to this project in the coming months. This is a long project and process, however.

If you are currently using DocuSign to sign agreements with outside parties as a university representative using your existing personal DocuSign account created with your university email address, you must download all stored envelopes from your personal account and store them according to the policies listed below. You will be able to continue to sign agreements using DocuSign with your employee email, and new agreements will be stored under your email address in the University corporate account. Single-sign On (SSO) will be enforced for DocuSign log-in using university credentials on January 8, 2024.


I have missed the deletion/purge deadline. Is there any chance I can retrieve my documents?

  • Answer: No. Once DocuSign has deleted/purged the documents by the advertised deadline, there is no way to recover those documents. Clemson University cannot access the personal DocuSign accounts and cannot back up data from these documents.

I downloaded all my documents. What do I do if these include Clemson University documents?

Answer: If your personal DocuSign account contains Clemson University documents, please download and store them in compliance with the following University policies:

I logged into my account but no longer see the documents or envelopes I created. Why not?

Can I create my own personal DocuSign account?

Can I transfer my envelopes to a different account site?

  • Answer: You are NOT able to transfer envelopes from an account in one site to a different site.

What do I do if my account was suspended by DocuSign?

I am a current Clemson University student. Can I continue to sign DocuSign documents using my Clemson email?

  • Answer: No. By December 8, 2023, Clemson students will no longer be able to sign DocuSign documents using their Clemson email addresses. If you need to sign DocuSign documents, use a personal email address.