Admin Invoices

Administrative Telecommunications Invoices

Administrative Departments now receive their Telecommunications invoices via web access!

Administrative Departments will now receive their monthly Telecommunications invoices by accessing http://mysoft1/webapp (must either be on the Clemson network or connected through VPN). Each month the specified personnel will receive an email alerting them when monthly departmental invoices are available.  The invoices will be stored on this web application so there will be no need for departements to print and archive these.  Authorized personnel may email or export their designated invoices as necessary.

Requesting web access to Telecommunications invoices:  Clemson University Business Officers are responsible for specifying persons in their departments that need to receive the electronic notification and access invoices each month. Since many Administrative departments receive multiple Telecommunications invoices, at least one recipient per invoice ( or General Ledger account number) should be designated.  It is also possible to designate multiple personnel to a single invoice or General Ledger account number.  Business Officers are responsible for any updates and/or deletions of authorized users via:

Please include the following information in your e-mail request:

  • Department Name
  • Each General Ledger number (23 digit account number) you would like to receive electronic invoices for.
  • A primary recipient for each 23 digit account number. Please include full name and CU username.
  • A list of additional recipients, if any, for each 23 digit account number. Please include full name and username for each recipient.

Telecommunications Invoice Retrieval Instructions:

1.  Go to Http://mysoft1/webapp from your browser.

2.  Enter your username and password.  If you do not remember your password, contact

3.  On the menu on the left, click on “Self-Service Report History”.

4.  You will see a screen that says “Search by Title”.  Titles do not have to be entered to view invoices.  Instead, simply hit “Enter” and the invoices should appear.  Invoices will initially appear in the order of oldest first, but any column title can be clicked to re-sort invoices to your preferences.

5.  To see the entire 23 digit General Ledger number, you can expand the first column by clicking and dragging to the desired length.

6.  To view the entire invoice, simply click on the invoice you wish to view.

7.  Exporting invoices:  At the bottom of each invoice is an “Export” button.  Invoices can be exported to a pdf format, where specific sections or pages can be selected to send for verification.

8.  Emailing invoices:  At the bottom of each invoice is an “Email” button.  Entire invoices can be emailed for verification, but specific sections can not be isolated when using this function.

For questions or further information about online delivery of Clemson University Telecommunications invoices, please email: