Funding Guidelines

Objectives and Guidelines

  • All project proposals must answer the following:
    • How does this project benefit the student body?
    • What funding will this project need in the future and how will that funding be provided?
    • What are the risks to the success of this project and how are these risks being mitigated?
  • One-time initiatives that have the ability to impact a significant amount of the student body
  • Strategic policies or initiatives that will have real impact on the student body that are technology related

General funding guideline: fund startup costs for projects with a positive, sustainable large-scale impact on Clemson’s campus (no recurring costs).

  • Will not be funding operational budgets
    • Exception: funding initial start-up funds and expansions of current projects
  • Software Licenses?
    • Fund start-up, but not recurring
  • Equipment?
    • Yes – technology & innovation related
  • App/Website Development
    • Take into account whether this app/website would be the entire project itself, or if it would be a supplement to an ongoing project
    • Depends on if/how the Website benefits the student body
      • Positive impact on campus-wide community
  • Recurring Funding
    • Not doing recurring funding for the same project proposal – must be a novel idea/project proposal
      • More getting started, or if fell through on case by case basis
        • Have a plan set up
      • One time funding, almost emergency, not a one-time shop
  • Stipends/Salaries/any payment of employees/students
    • A stipend is defined by: money is going to be used to compensate someone for their time spent on a project
    • We do not fund stipends, so no hiring a student to do so. BUT if done via CCIT (they consult I believe), then different and ok.
  • Itemized budget is required per the application (line items)
  • Funding Deadlines
    • No funding allocations will occur until CCIT verifies the IT Student Advisory Board budget for the fiscal year.
    • No funding allocations will be made by the IT Student Advisory Board after the second Friday of April.
    • Liaisons will conduct monthly check-ins with projects until the money is spent.

Enforcement Clause

  • ITSAB reserves the right to retract funds from project proposal groups if the project proposal groups are not using the funding in the ways they were explicitly intended to

ITSAB Good Project Examples 

  • One-time Initiatives:
    • Watt Tables
    • Library Chargers on 3rd floor
  • Organizational Projects:
    • Mechanical Engineering Machine Shop
    • TigerVision equipment upgrades

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