When installing Citrix Receiver, what should I enter when prompted to add account?


Citrix Receiver is asking for a passcode. What should I enter?

Citrix Receiever requires DUO two factor authentication.

Duo Passcode options (registered devices):
1. Type the word “push” to get a Duo Mobile app prompt (most Common)
2. Type the word “sms” to receive text message on phone
3. Enter code from your Token / Yubikey

If you are not enrolled, you can complete enrollment at https://2fa.clemson.edu or learn more at https://ccit.clemson.edu/support/kb/?id=488

Does Citrix require VPN?


The Citrix Receiver is asking for Password 1 and Password 2.

Password 1 is the duo authentication

Password 2 is your Clemson password

The iPad Citrix Receiver is asking for a domain and token.  What should I enter?

The domain should be campus

Token is the DUO authentication

What happens if I get disconnected from my Citrix session?

Just log back into Citrix within four hours and you will automatically reconnect to your session.  After four hours of idle time users are logged off.

What if I don’t see all of the applications?

In the upper right hand corner of the Citrix Receiver, where your name is displayed, select Refresh Apps from the drop down menu and the missing applications should appear.