Adobe Stock now available to Clemson users as part of Creative Cloud

Tara Stone, CCIT Communications
July 17, 2023

Access to millions of high-quality, royalty-free images and assets from Adobe Stock is now available to Clemson students, faculty and staff as part of Clemson’s updated agreement with Adobe. In addition to the dozens of apps, fonts and services currently available via the Creative Cloud suite, Clemson users now have unlimited access to Adobe’s standard stock assets, including more than 300 million photos, vector graphics, and illustrations, which can be used in printed materials, websites, presentations, videos, social media, and other creative work.

Clemson users can now download an unlimited number of assets of Adobe Stock “standard content.” This includes most photos, vector graphics, and illustrations listed on Adobe Stock. Premium assets, such as video, templates, and 3D models, are not included as part of this agreement. When searching Adobe Stock, you can use the search filter to only show standard content and filter out premium assets.

To access Adobe Stock, you must have an Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) account through Clemson University. To get started, visit and log in using your email address. For more information on how to download Adobe Stock, find the right image, view tutorials, and more, visit Adobe Stock Learn and Support.

Guidelines for employees using Adobe Stock photography for official Clemson communications

The addition of Adobe Stock offers exciting new creative opportunities for official Clemson communications. When original photography does not exist or cannot be used or created to help tell a specific story, Adobe Stock images can be used. It’s best to use stock images to help convey concepts, but never to suggest people, locations or activities on campus. Authenticity is very important to our brand, so we want to be careful not to deceive or misrepresent what it’s like to be at Clemson.

When using stock in external marketing and communications pieces:

  • DO represent campus with official Clemson photography when possible.
  • DO use stock photography to convey concepts such as health, technology, or education when Clemson photography is not available.
  • DO give proper credit in accordance with Adobe’s Usage and Licensing Policy.
  • DON’T use stock photography to suggest people, locations or activities on campus.
  • DON’T sell any artwork generated using Adobe Stock assets provided to you by Clemson University’s Adobe contract.

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