Security upgrades to impact email spam retrieval beginning July 12, 2023

Beginning Wednesday, July 12, 2023, CCIT will start the two-week process of changing to a new Microsoft cloud-based spam filter for those with email accounts. This new service offers the same features currently implemented with our on-campus service with minimal changes and heightened security.  

When encountering email marked as spam, accounts may notice the following:  

  • You will continue receiving yellow warning banners on messages from external senders or scenarios that might have extra precautions.  
  • Email links will be protected via Safelinks rather than URL Defense, and URLs may be rewritten. For example, old URLs might have started with “” and will now appear as “”  
  • If the filter blocks suspected spam, phishing, or malware messages, you may receive a “quarantine” notice from Microsoft, allowing you to review and request it to be released if necessary. Quarantine notices will be sent once a day.  

An example quarantine message from Microsoft may appear in this format:  

  • To view emails flagged as spam, phishing, or malware, you can find instructions from Microsoft. If you were expecting a message and suspect it may have been blocked, you can follow their instructions to manually check. 

In addition to enhancing security, CCIT remains committed to helping you navigate changes. If you have questions, concerns, or need assistance with the spam retrieval changes, contact the CCIT Support Center team at or (864) 656-3494.  

 System Status

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