CCIT requests help with database cleanup effort

Ryan Real, Director, CCIT Communications
June 28, 2019

As many in the Clemson community are aware, CCIT has made significant strides in bolstering the University’s information security posture in recent months.  Most recently, this has involved an effort to better secure the University’s database infrastructure through upgrading these systems to the latest operating environment.  As part of this effort, legacy databases on the older infrastructure will either need to be migrated to the new environment if they are still in use, or decommissioned if they are no longer needed.

This calendar year, CCIT has worked to communicate with impacted customers via phone and via email regarding these changes.  However, many of these databases are over ten years old and owners may have transitioned over time, making it difficult to properly and completely identify owners and those affected.

CCIT will continue to work toward migrating all databases to the new, secure infrastructure over the coming weeks.  If you use a system that relies upon a MySQL database and you notice that the system becomes unusable over the next few weeks, please send an email to with your database name and contact information to get the database promptly restored while CCIT teams work with you to get your database moved to the new environment.

CCIT anticipates the impact to be minimal to most campus users, but apologizes in advance for any inconvenience caused.  Technical teams will be ready to work through any potential problems that arise as we proceed with this effort – but these are important and necessary steps to continuing to ensure the security and integrity of our database environment.

 System Status

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