Clemson’s high-performance computing group participates in industry machine learning report

Bailey Troutman, CCIT Communications
November 27, 2023

image features the words "Machine Learning" and has some computer chip images around a brain in the middle to signify machine learning

Clemson University’s high-performance computing (HPC) cluster, Palmetto, played a pivotal role in sharing data used to assess machine learning hardware capabilities alongside industry leaders. As one of two university institutions featured in the most recent report by ML Commons, a machine learning collective across industry and academia, Clemson’s contributions helped mark a nearly fifty percent increase in participation in this reporting over the last year. In addition to Clemson, the eighteen other groups who submitted HPC data included Dell, Azure, Google, NVIDIA, Lenovo, and more. This was the first time Clemson’s Research Computing and Data group submitted machine learning training data and positioned Clemson’s HPC resources alongside elite computing companies. The Research Computing and Data group is committed to ensuring HPC resources at Clemson are growing at the highest levels in alignment with Clemson Elevate’s goal of doubling research by 2035, and this machine learning data reporting is just one example. 

To read the full ML Commons report, visit their website here

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