Get your new year off to a great start

Ryan Real, Director, CCIT Communications
January 6, 2020

A picture of "2020" with some star stickersIt’s officially the spring semester at Clemson University, and whether you’re returning or just starting out, we’re happy to have you! We’re here to help, and we have some easy tips to get you and tech off to a great start in 2020.

Set up your new device

If you got a new phone, tablet or gaming system over the holidays, you may need to take a few steps to get it up and running at Clemson.

Two-factor Authentication

You may not have Duo Mobile set up on your new phone, and that’s going to be important. Luckily, you can re-activate at our portal by visiting While there, make sure your number and other connected devices are accurate using the “Manage Devices” method. You may have to authenticate first.


Did you get a new gaming device or a smart assistant like an Amazon Echo? Those can’t connect to eduroam wifi, but they can connect to our resmedianet network. You’ll first need to register your device at, and we’ve provided step-by-step instructions at our Knowledge Base.


If you got a new laptop, you can grab everything you need from our software page in our Services section. If you’re stuck or have questions, we’re here to help.

Make a Tech Resolution

New year’s resolutions can help to improve your wellness or further your career, but some easy tech resolutions will help create useful habits that can come in handy.

Back up your stuff

You have several great, free options at Clemson to back up your data. You have access to Google Drive, OneDrive and Box, and all three services provide automatic syncing options to care of backing up for you. If you need help, chat with us and we can get you started.

Clean out your email

OK, this one’s up to you. But cleaning out or organizing your inbox can help clear your mind and boost productivity. Did know you can unsubscribe from mailing lists inside of Gmail? Take advantage of folders and labels, too. If you use Microsoft Outlook, we’ve found some helpful tips at

Learn a new skill

Did you know CCIT offers software training? We can help you or your group learn a program or a technique. Bookmark our IT training page at for periodic updates, or send an email to with the subject “Training.”

Familiarize yourself with changes

We haven’t changed too much over the break, but there are some useful updates to Canvas! Check out the new additions at Clemson Newsstand.

If we make major changes, we’ll detail them on our News page. And as always, you can check our CCIT Status Page to see if any of our systems is experiencing an issue.


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