QR code email scam targeting Clemson employees

Bailey Troutman, CCIT Communications
September 20, 2023

Clemson University employees are recently reporting a new QR Code scam email. CCIT’s Security team posted a cybersecurity alert on September 19, 2023 outlining reports of an email claiming to be from Microsoft which includes a QR code listed in the body of the email. The email claims the employee’s “security authenticator” access is “expiring.” Cybercriminals are using urgency in this message, saying that non-action will lock the user’s account in 72 hours. This email’s sender address is “emma@millenniummemorycare.com.” Employees are encouraged to remain diligent and not to scan this QR code with their smartphones, as this scam seeks to move users from email to their mobile device. 

CCIT’s Security team encourages the following best practices: 

  • If you receive a suspicious email with a QR Code, use the Report Phishing button in Outlook to have the Clemson Security Operations Center review and investigate the email for you.


  • Beware of QR Code stickers in public locations. Cybercriminals often will put their own malicious sticker on top of legitimate QR Codes in parking garages, on signs, ATMs, public posters, inside local businesses, and other locations.


  • Always avoid using a QR code for doing any kind of fund or money transfer.
example of scam email that contains the QR code employees are advised not to scan. QR code is edited so it is not scannable in this example.

An edited example of the QR code scam email

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