Quick tech tips to keep you safe on Spring Break

Bailey Troutman, CCIT Communications
March 7, 2024

Phone and laptop display check marks for safetySpring break is right around the corner and itineraries may be well underway. Now more than ever, staying safe on trips extends far beyond applying enough sunscreen, staying hydrated, and moving in groups. In fact, technology can play a key role in keeping you safe, especially when so many of our plans involve our smartphones and different applications. 

Here are some quick reminders to ensure you can stay tech safe this Spring Break too: 

  1. Use Clemson VPN when connecting to “unsecured” wifi networks. This will keep others from potentially accessing what you are browsing, especially with transactions. 
  2. Seek out eduroam networks if traveling near another campus community. These are more secure and you will automatically connect to them if you use those devices on Clemson’s eduroam. There are over 33,000 eduroam connections worldwide! 
  3. Do not plug your cellphone charger directly into a USB port at the airport or on transportation. Always use a charger block and an outlet.
  4. Passwords protect all of your devices. Do not use passwords that are easily breakable either. 1234 is a good way to have your information 123-gone. While sharing is caring in most scenarios, keep those passwords to yourself.  
  5. Disable Bluetooth when not in use. It may be tempting to keep it on all the time but this is one way to prevent unwanted device pairings/connections. 
  6. Do not fall for phishing scams or too-good-to-be-true deals for rentals of any kind. Ensure you are using a secure, legitimate service website. Cybercriminals know that Spring Break happens in March, too. 
  7. Avoid sharing your exact location on social media. Be mindful that people may be able to locate you and while it may be tempting to share exactly where you are and the cool stuff you are doing on your trip, consider how it impacts your safety and the safety of others around you. 

We wish all of our Tigers a happy, healthy, and safe Spring Break. Take care of yourselves and know that we are here to support you if needed. To see the adjusted Spring Break CCIT Support Center hours, visit this page.

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