Upcoming Changes to sites.clemson.edu Departmental Web Spaces

Tara Stone, CCIT Communications
November 16, 2023

CCIT has begun the second phase of upgrading the architecture for the web-accessible sites.clemson.edu servers because the current system has reached end-of-life; the first phase was completed in February 2023. If you are an administrator for one of these sites, you should have already received an email from CCIT regarding this upgrade. Administrators should review your website using the instructions found in the HDKB article linked below and make any necessary changes before go-live on February 29, 2024.


For this phase, all admins must copy the content of their site(s) to the development environment before testing. Follow the instructions found in the HDKB article linked above to upgrade and test any code needed to make your site work.

Going forward, any changes must be made on both the live production website and the testing development website. Once your site is complete, submit a ticket to ithelp@clemson.edu to make the development site your new production site before the deadline.

Link format for current live production site: https://<sitename>.sites.clemson.edu
Link format for development site for testing: https://<sitename>.sites82.clemson.edu

Part of this phase includes updating to a newer version of PHP (version 5.4 to 8.2). This large jump in PHP versions is likely to have an impact on any applications built with PHP. We need all administrators to move your content and verify that your website(s) are not affected. If affected, you will need to update your site for it to work properly. Specific versions and details can be found in the HDKB article linked above.

Please email ithelp@clemson.edu if you have questions, need assistance, or would like for CCIT to decommission a website.

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