”TigerSecure Your Devices

A girl entering something into her cell phone while her computer displays a Clemson login screen

Here are some simple steps that everyone can take to make your devices more secure.


  • Secure all devices with a password – this simple step is the most effective in securing the contents of your device.


  • Run reputable anti-malware and anti-virus programs – Anti-virus software is provided by the University for your work systems, but make sure your home systems are also protected.


  • Always lock your device when you get up or leave – when you are not physically using your device, locking it prevents someone from gaining access.


  • Set lock timers – most devices can automatically lock after a period of inactivity; set this in case you forget to lock your device when you get up.


  • Run system updates provided by your operating system or phone provider – running the latest software patches helps eliminate known vulnerabilities. And also be wary of webpages asking you to perform system-level updates.


  • Don’t give out your information to anyone who calls claiming to be Microsoft or Apple – this is a common trick that scammers use. Don’t give them access to your device.


If you need assistance configuring your device, please visit the IT Support Center.