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CCIT Full Disk Encryption


To ensure that individuals are aware of their responsibilities regarding access privileges, proper data management practices, and to help minimize risks of unauthorized access to data, the Office of Information Security has issued the following mandates for all CCIT employees and contractors:

  1. All endpoint devices used by CCIT personnel and contractors to perform their job duties shall have Full Disk Encryption (FDE) installed and configured. This includes all portable devices (phones, tablets, laptops) and workstations. Any personally owned devices used to connect to University resources must also have an encryption solution enabled.


  1. OIS maintains an enterprise FDE solution licensed from Trend Micro, which should be the product used to install FDE on University owned laptops and workstations. Details for installing the Trend Micro agent, as well as information on how to enable FDE on various phone and tablet platforms can be found here: https://ccit.clemson.edu/services/security/endpoint-security/ccit-encryption-mandate/


Responsible Division



Effective Date

May 1, 2018