Individual Licenses

SPSS Statistics

Vendor IBM

A software package for statistical analysis used by market researchers, health researchers, survey companies, government, education researchers, marketing organizations, and others.



There are two ways to install SPSS:

  • Install it on your own computer (this requires connecting to the Clemson VPN)
  • Use SPSS through CUApps/Citrix (does not require installing on your own machine)




To access SPSS without installing it, go to this link ( to download Citrix. Follow the on screen instructions and call 864-656-3494 if you have any questions. From there, choose SPSS Statistics and you can begin using the software. Please note: any files that you save will be available on your U:/ drive.

To access your U:/ drive, you can use a campus lab computer, or use the below instructions.

Windows 10:





If you wish to install SPSS on your own computer, go here:


Scroll down to "SPSS Statistics" and follow the instructions that are linked in that section.

Once you have installed the software, you can point to the license server by typing in "". (Previously, including the port number was required but no longer is).

License Information

This product is generally distributed as a floating network license. This means there may be a limited number of seats of this software available and that users must connect to an on-campus license server to use the software.

Versions of this software are available on: Windows. You may have to check with the vendor about the availability of other versions.

License server:   Port: 5093

If you cannot enter license server name and port separately in the application, you may need to enter them in the format: port@server.

Purchasing SPSS Statistics

Clemson University has a campus-wide academic license for SPSS Statistics. This covers the use of the software for faculty and students for teaching, learning, and non-commercial research purposes on ALL types of equipment (Clemson owned and otherwise)

Those wishing to use SPSS for administrative purposes or who want to install it on their personal computers must purchase their own copy (see below).

For faculty, SPSS can be installed to connect to an on-campus license server or with a standalone key. The benefit of the concurrent (license server) install is that keys don't need to be updated year-to-year. Alternatively, SPSS Statistics can be installed to use a standalone key. These are valid for one year, typically updated in August of each year, and stored on the Software Repository. When the key expires, the user's IT support will have to update the key for the user (access to those keys is restricted).

For students, previously SPSS needed to be purchased to be installed on their personal machine. Now, however, students can use the SPSS network license version ( Remember also that the Citrix version is free and does not require an install.

Alternatively, all students can buy a license of the SPSS "Grad Pack" (either Base or Standard packages) on The "Faculty Pack," which includes all modules and AMOS, is also available on These purchases do not have the "Clemson-owned equipment" restriction that our academic license does and can be installed on any device of the purchaser's choosing. To clarify: GradPack cannot be purchased from the Clemson Computer Store and only from

Users wanting SPSS Statistics Premium will need to get a quote from IBM. Send an email to for contact information for our SPSS sales representative.

This software can be also purchased from the campus Computer Store. For more information, visit one of their locations at 603 Edgar Brown Union or 108 Hendrix, call (864) 656-1563 (Union) or (864) 656-0404 (Hendrix), or email

You can also purchase a license for this software from

Employees or departmental users can purchase a license for this software in BuyWays.

Install Media - How to Access SPSS Statistics

Direct access to the media for this software on the Software Repository is limited to IT support personnel. If you need to request this software be installed on your computer, you can visit the nearest helpdesk (the CCIT Helpdesk on the 2nd floor of Cooper Library or the Engineering Support Desk in 142 Freeman Hall), contact your local IT support, or email

Installing On Windows

  • Option 1: Faculty and staff can install SPSS Statistics via Software Center or the Software Repository. Contact your local support or for further details.

Getting Help

If you have any additional questions about the availability, cost, or install procedures for this software, you can either visit the CCIT Support Center on the 2nd floor of Cooper Library or send an email to

Faculty and staff can also contact their local IT support for help.

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