AWS Educate Program

Clemson University is now an Institution Level member of AWS Educate. The Enterprise License for Amazon’s Amazon AWS Educate Program provides faculty with instructional materials and cloud credits that can be used within your classes; all you and your students need is your Clemson email address — no credit cards or request forms. Anyone with an or email address can get an account with AWS Educate and benefit from Amazon’s on-line training modules. Faculty can incorporate existing modules into course AWS Educate courses.

Training students how to program? Think about teaching the class using AWS Educate systems instead of building a lab in your department.

AWS Educate can be integrated with Canvas.

NOTE: These courses have a limited time to live; perfect for being part of instruction, but not suitable for research.


Mike Bryant from AWS Educate Higher Education Program was at Clemson to demonstrate AWS Educate and show you how to use some of the modules available, such as Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Building Scalable Architectures, Big Data & Analytics.

Click below to view the recording — there was a delay due to technical problems so the presentation starts about 20 minutes in — just move the video slider.

To contact AWS Educate, contact Mike Bryant, AWS Educate Community manager: