Accounts and Access

As a Clemson student, faculty, or staff member, a Clemson ID is provisioned which allows access to various university services. The following pages provide information on this ID and give support for users with a valid account.

Clemson Username

As a new faculty, staff, or student you receive a Clemson Username which provides access to various electronic resources provided by the university.

Integration Consulting (Identity & Access Management)

CCIT offers consulting service to all Colleges, Departments, and individuals in integrating third party applications into the Clemson University identity management infrastructure.

Password Change Utility

Clemson University's Password Change utility is a web site from which you can change your password. Changing your password here affects all your accounts and access including e-mail, file space, web space, employee self service, etc.

Personal Home Directories

Home Directory space (U: drive) is provided for all faculty, staff and students with a valid Clemson User ID. Home Directory space is used by an individual to store files on campus. The initial space allocation for all users is 10GB. Personal file space is backed up regularly.

All Services (a-z)