Recommended Laptops

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The Preferred Laptop by Major has been replaced by recommendations by each college listed below.


Agriculture, Forestry, & Life Sciences

Architecture,Arts, & Humanities

Behavioral, Social, & Health Sciences



Engineering, Computing, & Applied Sciences



Lenovo and Dell

Lenovo P1 Gen5s are in stock, but no others yet 6/8/23

All Dell Computers are currently in stock 6/25/23

The Dell Rebate is only available for in-store purchases.

The 5570 has been updated (7/25/23) .  Dell no longer has the screens that came with the original  5570 computer. They have been replaced with an Ultra Sharp touchscreen display.  These computers are $50 more.

  You can also buy from the store and have us ship it to you.


Apple Recommended Laptops (updated 10/02/23)

Please note the Bold Prices include Safeware.


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