Recommended Laptops

Apple, Lenovo and Dell  2022-23 Recommended Models are listed below.

Call either store for details on current models.

For windows machines call 864-656-0404 and Apple Computers 864-656-1563

You can still “Keep it on Campus” by purchasing from our links, it helps keep the store and services running.  Thanks!

Using the Preferred laptop by major matrix is a great way to determine the best computer for your student.

Lenovo and Dell

Updated 09/05/2022

We are unable to get any the Lenovo Thinkpad T14’s they have been removed from the list


Apple Recommended Laptops

Please note the Bold Prices include Safeware.


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The Clemson Computer Store is an Authorized Dell campus reseller, Lenovo Campus Reseller as well as an Apple Authorized Campus Store for Clemson University. Stop by to learn more about education discounts for students, faculty, and staff.

Lenovos and Dells are sold at 108 Hendrix which is down the hall from the ice cream store and TigerOne.

Apple computers are mainly being sold out of the Edgar Allen Brown Student Union   603

Drop by to visit or call (864) 656-1563 (603 Union)    or (864) 656-0404 (Hendrix) to talk to a store employee.