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Google Workspace (formerly Google Apps for Education) is a Google-powered cloud service. The service used to offer unlimited storage for each account.


Google Workspace was rolled out on September 17, 2007, which allowed students to use Google’s web-based email offering, Google Mail (Gmail). As Clemson continues mitigating risk and in light of Google's removal of unlimited free storage for universities, however, Gmail will no longer be the email given to students upon admission starting Spring 2024. Current students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to migrate to the Microsoft Exchange suite, as new students will begin using email through Outlook.

Key Features

Starting in 2024, Google Workspace for Education accounts will include:

  • Google Talk
  • Google Drive
  • Google Sites*
  • Google Calendar service
*Google Sites is a free tool available to Clemson students and employees for building internal project hubs and team websites. Google Sites does not meet brand or accessibility guidelines required for external- and public-facing webpages, therefore it should not be used for anything other than internal sites or pages. Public-facing departmental websites are maintained on the University Content Management System. If a department, division or unit requires a new external- or public-facing website, please fill out a request form with the University Relations web team.


As part of the Google arrangement, current Clemson employees may also take advantage of Google Workspace including Google Mail with their email address. CCIT recommends and supports Outlook as the institution’s primary email service, but access to other Google Workspace applications is still possible at this time.

Terms of Service

If you choose to use Google Workspace, please keep the following in mind:

  • Google Workspace is hosted and supported by Google. Very limited support is available through CCIT.
  • All data will be stored by Google and CCIT will be unable to access and/or restore deleted data.
  • Google Workspace will not be able to access Clemson resources such as meeting rooms. Calendaring for these resources is available only by using Exchange.



Getting Started

Detailed instructions for getting Google Workspace or Outlook Email set up can be found here.

 Quick Start

Available To: 

Cost:  No charge.

 See Getting Started.