Laptop Purchasing

See the detailed specifications, prices and purchasing information here for the 2023/2024 recommended student laptops.

Employees: Go to Clemson’s BuyWays for departmental purchases. Personal purchases can be made through the links on the TigerTech Shop site


Purchasing  FAQs

Do I need a laptop?

All undergraduates for the 2023-24 academic year are required to own a laptop. You may not substitute a desktop computer. MBA students also have a laptop requirement.

What about Tablets?
Chromebooks and iPads are not a viable option as your primary laptop. Support for these devices is extremely limited and consists only of setting up the wireless configuration and installing anti-virus software as required.

I am entering in a particular major. Would one laptop be better for me than another?
You should check with your department for specifics. Remember – many students change their major. Check our Laptops by major Page

When should I buy a laptop?
We recommend ordering by the end of July to be certain of delivery to your home before you leave for Clemson. (If you are trying to time it to be paid for with a financial aid reimbursement, it is okay to wait until the end of July.)

Can I have my laptop delivered to Clemson?
No, the Clemson University Post Office will not accept laptop deliveries. We recommend ordering your laptop by the end of July to insure delivery to your home before you leave for Clemson.

Can I use scholarship money or financial aid to buy a laptop?
Yes, the cost of the laptop is considered in the financial aid calculation. The cost of a laptop is automatically included in the cost of attendance for all entering freshmen, and can be included for upperclassmen and graduate students upon request (a receipt may be required). The cost of attendance is used to determine the maximum amount of financial aid for which a student is eligible. Students who apply for aid (typically private or PLUS loans) in excess of direct costs up to the cost of attendance will receive a refund check for the laptop. Some parents order the laptop in late July or early August so it will arrive before classes begin – and then pay the credit card bill with the reimbursement check at the end of the month.

Is there a payment plan?
Some vendors offer payment plans. Call the vendor or visit their web page for information.