Infrastructure Standards

The CCIT Network Services and Telecommunications (NST) department, together with Summit Engineering & Consulting, P.S., has prepared IT Infrastructure Standards documentation to communicate requirements to architects, engineers, contractors, and internal Clemson personnel who are responsible for the design and installation of telecommunication infrastructure at Clemson University facilities. The Technology Infrastructure Standards is a set of documents within the scope of Clemson University’s Guidelines for Commissioned Architects and Engineers and should be followed accordingly by those involved in new construction or renovation projects. This documentation should serve as a guide for making standards-complaint design and installation decisions to ensure new systems are consistent with CCIT’s specifications in addition to industry standards.

As technology and needs evolve, the IT Infrastructure Standards will be updated periodically. Please check that the most recent versions of the documents are being utilized by referencing the links below. Documentation is maintained by CCIT Network Services and Telecommunications staff. Please send any inquiries regarding the content to

CCIT NST Telecommunications Infrastructure Procedures

CCIT NST Telecommunications Distribution Design Guide

Production-Related Requests

Clemson University users can access production-related support through the following methods:

Project-Related Requests

The CCIT Project Management Office (PMO) manages projects and consultation requests including but not limited to office moves, new construction or renovation projects, or other capital projects involving the installation of network and telecommunications infrastructure and related systems. Customers can visit the CCIT PMO website by clicking here to complete and submit a Project Proposal Form.

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