Web Systems, Servers, Hosting and Data Storage

From server usage for big datasets to web services, CCIT has you covered.

Database Services

At the present time, CCIT is not offering either departmental or personal MySQL databases as a free service. If you have a need for a MySQL database server, please email ithelp@clemson.edu with as much detail as you have about your needs and ask that it be assigned to "CCIT New Server or Storage Requests." We would be happy to work with you to get you a quote.

Data Storage

CCIT offers access to multiple University managed storage services for individual and collaborative use.  For detailed information and limitations, please refer to our File Storage Options.


Server and Web hosting are both offered by CCIT along with consultation services.

Web Services

CCIT provides Clemson users with tools and consultation to enable solutions to be easily found online for many of your needs.

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