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Clemson Telecommunications offers conference calling which allows multiple parties either using a phone built for calling out on multiple lines or by using a “meet me” or conferencing line where multiple parties can call in.

Key Features

Conference Calling

Meet Me Conference calling

To schedule a conference call, send a request to You will be given a conference line number and instructions for using the conference line. 

Please provide the following information in the email:

  • Date of your call
  • Beginning time of the call
  • Length of the call
  • Contact name
  • Contact phone number
  • Number of parties on the call (up to 30 parties)
  • Information on whether you need a toll free number or local number
  • Phone number for billing

Your request will be submitted to Telecommunications via an ITHELP ticket and you will receive a confirmation email from ITHELP with the ticket number and information on the conference call in the ticket.

After scheduling your conference call, you will then need to contact your conferees and give them the 7-digit telephone number to dial at the specified date and time.

A few minutes before your specified time of call, someone on campus must establish the call by dialing the 7-digit number (you will hear a continual ringing until the next person calls in).

As additional parties call in, you will hear a notification tone. Following each tone, you can speak to each new party.

After all callers are present on the call and to ensure privacy, depress the switch hook or tap button lightly to lock the conference call so others cannot listen in.  This step is not required.

If the switch hook or tap button is accidentally depressed before all parties are on the line, everyone must hang up and redial.
We discourage using a Speakerphone or a cell phone, as this impacts the quality of the call.

Remember—no one can transfer a call during the conference call at any time!  It will lock the system down and other parties cannot dial in. Those parties will receive a busy signal.


  1. Lift handset
  2. Dial the 7-digit conference line number a few minutes before the specified time.
  3. Must keep this line open for duration of call.
  4. You will hear a continual ringing until the next party dials in.
  5. A notification tone will be heard after each additional call.
  6. Lightly depress the switch hook or tap button to insure privacy.
  7. Proceed with your call.


Calls are established the same way as the other meet-me conference calls except the parties calling long distance will be given an 800 (toll free) number to dial. This phone number will connect them to the other conference callers. The rate for the long distance callers will be $0.15 per minute, per caller using the 800 number. These charges will be billed to the department requesting the call on their monthly telephone invoice.

Getting Started

To book conference calls, please send an email to


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Available To: 

Cost:  For pricing information, please contact Telecommunications at ..

 See Getting Started.