Telephone Services

Telephone services gives support for current users with phones on campus but also provides setup support and feature modification.

Dialing Instructions

Dialing Instructions

Dialing Instructions

Instructions for dialing from an on-campus telephone

On-Campus Calls

Dial: Seven-digit number listed in the directory ("858" for residence halls and "656" for administrative offices).

Local Calls

Dial: 7 digit local number

Long Distance Calls: Domestic

Direct Dialed: 1 + area code + 7 digit number + authorization code 3rd Number, Collect, Credit Card: 0 + area code + 7 digit number Toll Free service: 1 + 800(or 866, 877, 888) + 7 digit number

Long Distance Calls: International

Direct Dialed: 011 + Country Code + City Code (if required) + Local number + Authorization Code 3rd Number, Collect, Credit Card: 011 + Country Code + City Code (if required) + Local number + Authorization Code Country Code List:

Existing Telephone Service

Ordering a change or move of an existing telephone service.

Existing Telephone Service Repairs

Ordering repairs on an existing telephone service. Please review Troubleshooting before sending repair request.

Long Distance Services

Long Distance Service

Toll-Free Calling to Upstate SC

There are no long distance toll charges for calls from campus phones to most of the telephones in upstate South Carolina. Toll-free calling to Upstate SC is available on all faculty, staff, and resident student telephones that are part of the campus phone system. The 4th, 5th, and 6th digits of a 10-digit telephone number make up the telephone exchange number. The University's telephone number is 864-656-3311, so it is in the 656 exchange. Calls to all telephone exchanges in the 864 area code except 513 and 936 are toll-free. There will be charges for calls to those two exchanges near Clover, SC. Calls to six exchanges in the 828 area code near Columbus and Tryon, NC are also toll-free. Those exchanges are 802, 817, 859, 863, 894, and 899. These exchanges will be listed in future telephone directories. You do not have to remember whether an exchange is toll-free or not when dialing a call. You should continue to dial calls to locations outside the regular Clemson toll-free area by dialing 9, then 1, then the 10-digit telephone number. If the exchange you are calling is toll-free, you will not be prompted for your authorization code and you will not be charged. If the exchange you are calling is NOT toll-free, you will be prompted for your authorization code and toll charges will apply. Exchanges in the 828 Area Code that are toll-free: "802, 817, 859, 863, 894, and 899" (Near Columbus and Tryon, NC) Exchanges in the 864 Area Code that are NOT toll-free: "513" and "936" (near Clover, SC)

TigerTel Long Distance Authorization Code

Students and Faculty/Staff members may establish a TigerTel account for making personal long distance calls. As a subscriber, you will receive a private TigerTel code that authorizes you to make long distance calls from most telephones on campus. The charges for long distance calls are billed based on the TigerTel code, not on the telephone number from which the call was made. The TigerTel code ensures that you will be accurately billed, regardless of where you make the call. You are also assured that you will not be billed for calls other people make from your phone. LOW RATE OF $.07 PER MINUTE FOR ALL DOMESTIC CALLS! The rate quoted above is the only charge you will pay for domestic calls. No surcharges, activation fees, taxes or FCC charges will be added.

International Calls

You may use your TigerTel code to make international calls. The rates vary depending on the country called. Most countries are under $0.20 per minute.


You will receive a monthly bill for your TigerTel account. It will include a list of calls for which you are being charged. The list will include the telephone number, city, and state you called as well as the number of minutes you talked and the amount charged. You should pay your bill by the due date on the invoice to insure that your service is not interrupted. You may pay by going to:  to pay with a credit card or an E-check or  mail a check to: Telecommunications, 50 New Cherry Road, Clemson, SC  29634. **We will no longer take TigerStripe or cash for this service. Contact the TigerTel office by calling (864) 656-0332 or e-mail: with any questions.

TigerTel Long Distance Policy

Clemson University's Chosen Long Distance Service

Low-cost, Long Distance Calling Program for Clemson University Faculty and Staff


9+ Service is a Direct Dial Long Distance Service offered to Faculty and Staff who make calls from campus telephones. This service is recommended because TigerTel has no hidden or additional charges. Other providers charge more than their advertised rates for in-state calls. They also add taxes, surcharges, activation fees, PICC and USF charges. To sign up for Long Distance, please call the Telecommunications Office at (864) 656-0332 or email: .


 $0.07 per minute for all Domestic calls: anytime, day or night! Please call (864) 656-0332 for International rates.


 No credit limit




 Payments may be mailed to: Telecom 50 New Cherry Road 11 P&A Clemson University Clemson, SC 29634-2809. You may pay by going to:  to pay with a credit card or an E-check or  mail a check to: Telecommunications, 50 New Cherry Road, Clemson, SC  29634.


 An itemized monthly statement clearly shows your calls only, even if you share a telephone with someone else. (DO NOT SHARE AUTHORIZATION NUMBERS WITH ANYONE)


 9 + 1 + area code + number. Listen for prompt, then dial your 9 digit student/faculty ID number + your chosen 4 digit pin number.


 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM, Monday - Friday (closed 12:00 - 1:00 PM for lunch). You may stop by our office in Room 11 P&A, or call 656-0332, or e-mail:


 Within 24 hours, no activation fees.


TigerTel's primary mission is to provide Faculty and Staff with economical telecommunications services. In fulfillment of that mission, we provide faculty and staff an opportunity to subscribe to a service that offers an easy and economical way of placing long distance calls from campus telephones. Details of the long distance service follow. ELIGIBILITY: Faculty and Staff are eligible for either service. AUTHORIZATION NUMBER: The TigerTel Office will allow each Faculty and Staff to choose their own 4-digit pin number to be used in conjunction with their ID number. Authorization numbers must be kept confidential and each person is responsible for ALL CALLS charged to his or her personal number, regardless of who placed the calls. You may not use your authorization number for accepting collect calls, placing person-to-person calls, sending telegrams, or for "900" service calls. UNAUTHORIZED CALLS: The University does NOT authorize any person using the University's 9+ service to accept collect calls, charge third-party billed calls, or "900" service calls to any University telephone number, including the residence hall telephones. The TigerTel Office and the telephone companies involved will investigate unauthorized charges to the University. We invoice all charges to the person or persons responsible for charging the calls. We may levy service charges of up to $25.00 per invoice to recover investigation costs. Legal action may result if it is determined anyone has attempted to defraud the University or the telephone company by making unauthorized calls. You may be charged for unanswered calls if you let the phone ring for over 30 seconds. In order for us to keep our rates low, we must charge for these calls because we pay the vendor a bulk fee which is for the time that we actually use the lines. TigerTel is an auxiliary service of the University and operates on a self-supporting basis. In keeping with our mission, and our need for fiscal soundness, we may respond to periodic rate changes enacted by the vendors making corresponding adjustments in our rates. BILLING: Monthly bills are sent via email.  Please let us know if your email address changes. PAYMENTS: TigerTel Long Distance bills are due and payable upon receipt. An account is delinquent if not paid after 25 days from the billing date. Delinquent accounts are subject to suspension of service. Accounts will be reactivated upon request after full payment has been made. In most instances, service will be restored the same day payment is received. a $10.00 service charge will appear on the next month's bill. SECURITY: You should immediately notify the Telecommunications Office at 656-0332, or the University Police Department at 656-2222, if your authorization number is lost, stolen, or discovered by other persons. You remain financially responsible for all calls until they make notification. The TigerTel Office will issue a new number to replace the compromised number. A $5.00 service charge for replacement of the authorization number will appear on the next monthly bill.  

New Telephone Installation

Ordering new telephone service.

Telephone Connectivity Problems/Repairs

Connectivity Problems/Repairs Request

Telephone Features (add, delete, change)

The following contains a comprehensive review of Digital ESSX Service features. Features included on residence hall telephones are noted with an asterisk (*). Features on administrative telephones have been selected based on individual user needs; your telephone may not have all of the features indicated.

Voicemail activate/deactivate

Voice Mail (Activate/Deactivate)

Voice Over IP

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), is a technology that allows you to make voice calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a regular (or analog) phone line.

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